Good things come in small packages and the same is true for the Ventrac 3400L. The 3400L features a 20HP Gas 2-cyl(627cc) B&S Vanguard Engine.

This power-packed unit features All-Wheel-Drive, Power Steering, Hydrostatic Drive, and more. The Ventrac Mount System allows you to change attachments quickly and efficiently, moving from job to job with minimal effort.

Equipped with a patented Tandem Drive Train, the 3400Lefficiently transfers power to where it’s needed for unparalleled performance and power.

Also standard on the 3400L is Ventrac’s patented S.D.L.A. control, which allows for easy control of Speed, Direction, Lift and Auxiliary function all with one hand.

Combine these features with a tight 28 inch (71 cm) turning radius and you will find the 3400L can tackle jobs reserved for much larger, less maneuverable machines.


Tilt Steering Column

An adjustable Tilt Steering Column for easy adjustment of the steering column for greater ease of getting on and off the tractor as well as to accommodate various sizes of operators.

Weight Transfer Kit

The Weight Transfer Kit allows you to transfer some of the weight from front end attachments back onto the tractor, improving traction, and stability especially on hillsides.

Power Steering

All Ventrac tractors are equipped with power steering for ease of control.

Comfort Seat

Enjoy hours of relaxed operation from the seat of your Ventrac. For added comfort, support, and a smoother upgrade, Ventrac offers an optional fully adjustable Suspension Seat. Adjustments include back rest, lumbar support, and weight distribution.

Arm Rests

The Arm Rest kit can be mounted to the seat on all Ventrac 3000 and 4000 series tractors for even greater comfort.

Each arm rest can be individually raised up or down so as not to obstruct getting on or off the tractor, or other operations.


This attractive, sturdy LW350 Cab offers excellent visibility and protection for the operator from wind, rain and snow. A windshield wiper comes standard.

Rear Weight Bracket

The Rear Weight Bracket allows you to mount two weights (kit 70.0102) to the rear of the Ventrac 3000 series for greater traction and stability.

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