I was fortunate enough to acquire the very first Ventrac 4500 brought into New Zealand for trialling in my Mo-Town NZ Ltd business, in the Bay of Plenty. We have been trialling it under genuine commercial conditions to ascertain if it as good as its manufacturers’ claims.We have equipped it with dual wheels and a slope indicator and have used it extensively on mowing, stump grinding and earth moving applications. I have been amazed by its ability to negotiate slopes of up to 30 degrees whether wet or dry and its manoeuvrability on hills. It does not leave ugly skid marks while climbing wet hills as wheel spin is impossible, with its all-wheel, hydrostatic drive, articulated steering system and its automatic weight distribution system. Also its low centre of gravity makes it uniquely manoeuvrable and safe in our experience. Further we can now supplement our summer mowing income with a range of winter activities including fertilising, spraying, cultivating, stump grinding, earth moving, road brooming, blading, trenching, leaf blowing and countless other applications. It runs as sweet as a nut and having owned most of the other leading brands, we are hooked on Ventrac.

Mike Parker
Mo-Town NZ Ltd, Bay of Plenty